Art Funk

Today I was in a funk. So I decided to do a new painting with the following criteria:

1. It has to be quick. I don’t want to overthink it & drag it out. This is about having fun, letting go, not creating a masterpiece.

2. It’s going in my art journal (which means cheap paper which I’m not attached to and am more willing to experiment and try new things when it doesn’t work out as planned.

3. Less is more. Details not required. I can leave out key parts, and the viewer’s mind will fill in the blanks.

So here’s what I accomplished in one short sitting. All she needs are eyebrows and eyelashes, and she’s done.


Koala crazy

I know, I know, another koala. Or “tree floofs” as one of my students informed me. This is another work in progress, but she’s very close to done!

Which do you prefer of the two above? The one on the left, without the details and much of her features left out, or the one on the right, with all the boundaries emphasized? Please comment!

Andean Condor … upside down!

This was a quick 40 min sketch. Again I deliberately used a permanent marker so I can’t correct my mistakes – a great trick to keep yourself detached from the final product.

And here’s the bigger trick – I drew this very unique with the reference photo upside down. This is a technique used by lots of artists to keep their right brain engaged and to quiet the loud noises of our left brain.

I encourage my students to use both of these techniques to help them enjoy the process of doing art and not get frustrated with the final product.

Verreaux’s Siffaka Work in progress

Check out this cute little primate!

I deliberately chose to do this sketch with pen so I couldn’t erase my mistakes.

This mom & baby were drawn by concentrating on the negative spaces around the figure & then slowly moving inside to draw the main lines. Shading and texture are the next steps, which I’ve only just started.

Water, water, everywhere …

It has been pouring rain here forever. Ok, maybe not forever, but it definitely feels like it has been. The sound of the downpour on our roof is deafening. The park across the street is flooded so we now have a waterfront property 😊. My plants are all green and growing, and we are even hearing frogs at night. (Or, I hope they are frogs. I sure don’t need to be introduced to any more scary Aussie bugs.)

So, today’s painting is an ode to all the water around me.

It’s only my first attempt, next time I need to use better quality paper so the watercolours will move and blend more.